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Welcome to your advertising and marketing online resource.

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We've created this site to give you a way to see all the budgets, advertising and collateral online, without having to wait for overnight shipments, media duplicators, and other factors that have prevented you from getting this information as quickly as we'd all prefer.

The menu to the left provides you with an easy way to navigate through the site. As we streamline the process, you can expect this site to become a one-stop shop for you to review all your advertising and collateral each week. The info page provides an overview of contacts for the specific dealer, with the budgets link taking you to a folder containing the current budgets. The rest of the links take you to directories of current and recent advertising.

We welcome your feedback.

Our goal is to make this a useful resource for all our dealerships, and save AutoInc time, money and effort. In that spirit, we'd like to solicit your feedback, and hear any ideas you can think of that will help us help you through this site. Send any ideas you may have to gls@autoinc-usa.com.

Thanks in advance for your help in making this site a useful resource for the AutoInc family of dealerships.

Greg Stafford,
APLX Advertising


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